Do these 3 Things For Good Health

The health care system today seems to be creating a generation of people who stay sick and rely on dangerous prescription medicines as plasters to manage their ailments and illnesses. These plasters have been shown to only weaken your immune system, your bio-energetic field, and your critical pH balance.

A healthy lifestyle will determine how long you live and what quality life you have. Unfortunately, many people today are confused or deliberately misled into eating unhealthy and unhealthful habits.

1st Pillar to Health:

Our external bio-energetic area, also known as our aura, is the first pillar of health that is vital for our wellbeing and health. This energy field works in a similar way to the bioenergy which surrounds our earth as a natural defense from outside forces or invaders.

As the computer age advances with the constant bombardment of electronic devices, gadgets and iphones, research has shown that our magnetic exterior protection continues its decline, allowing foreign substances to continually attack and penetrate our body. To be healthy forever, we must protect and strengthen this natural defence in order to preserve our 4 pillars.

2nd Pillar to Health:

The immune system is our natural, internal defense. It is the 2nd pillar in health. The immune system was made to naturally protect the body against any disease or foreign invaders. It can adversely affect our health, wellness, and overall health, as we strive to be healthy all our lives.

The great irony about our immune system, and the sickcare system pretending that it functions as our health system, is how the accepted methods to treat sick conditions actually do more harm than good.

There are many components to our immune system. Some of these agents include T, B, C, T, T, T, Killer, TH1, TH2 and Cytotoxic cells. All of these were created naturally to enhance the 4 pillars that support health and well-being.

Third Pillar of health:

The body’s pH balance represents the third pillar in health and wellbeing. The definition of health is simply that your body pH balance is at a level above 7 and not below 7. The greater your chances of being sick, the lower your body’s pH level.

Our pH balance is alkaline between 7.356 and 7.356. Our pH balance range starts at birth and is always alkaline. Our body gradually loses its alkaline pH balance as we enter a more polluted world, which includes the processed and overcooked foods that we consume every day, and the acidic beverages we drink.

Fourth Pillar to Health

The fourth pillar in Health towards being good health is our lifestyle. Regular exercise is essential. We must decrease our intake of pollutants like stress, toxins and carcinogens as well any other drugs and chemicals that might compromise our immune system.

These four pillars of wellness have been essential for maintaining optimal health, and overall wellbeing. We need natural and positive methods to protect our body from the inside.

As we are constantly using computers, our amazing bioenergetic field (or aura) is being bombarded. We cannot avoid eating the right foods to maintain a healthy pH balance. However, we need to also recognize the importance of protecting our immune system by limiting the use or elimination of carcinogens.

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The many computers that we use constantly bombard our amazing bio-energetic area or aura. We can’t help but choose the right foods to balance our pH. But we also need to be conscious of the critical need to protect our immune system and limit or eliminate the use of carcinogens.

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